Greetings to Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Teachers and all Child Advocates!


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Parenting by Faith has been created to help you nurture the children in your lives: your children, grandchildren, students or little ones you minister to. Our goal is to help you connect more joyfully and meaningfully with them and help you grow as individuals as well.

At this website, you will find a parenting BLOG with parenting tips, plus links to bio, articles and books by author and speaker Laurie Winslow Sargent. Co-blogger Aimee Ray (Laurie’s daughter) offers some great parenting tips and product reviews from her Early Childhood Education perspective and experience as a new mother. We write about parenting in general, as well as the joy of our Christian faith. Enjoy!

Laurie currently resides in North Carolina, and Aimee in Washington State.

If you are also interested in writing, you can find helpful tips from Laurie at the Sell Your Nonfiction blog (with focus on magazine writing) or the writing life, at her new site, CrossConnect Media.

Laurie is active on Twitter as @LaurieSargent and loves to connect with others, so give a hello to her there!

[Photo credit: Aimee Ray]

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