5-Minute-Fun with Kids: Animal Alphabet


Animal Alphabet

Here’s a great car game you can play with the whole family on long trips. We have played this for many years with preschoolers, teens and adults. It stimulates creative thinking and practice with phonics.

Take turns naming animals—but each new animal must begin with the last letter of the previous one:




You’ll soon begin to run out and will want to include fish, birds, and insects!

Since you can’t repeat words, you may “outlaw” certain letters after awhile. For example, when  “e” words are exhausted, outlaw animals ending in e.  You’ll know it’s time when Elephant and Egret are the only words that keep coming to mind!

This game can be good for an hour and you may want to work in teams.

Play on!



From  The Power of Parent-Child Play , by Laurie Winslow Sargent.  Chapter 5: Maybe Later, Dear. 5-Minute-Fun, page 66.  2003, Tyndale House Publishers.

About Laurie Winslow Sargent

Laurie Winslow Sargent @LaurieSargent at ParentingbyFaith.com has tips for parents, and SellYourNonfiction.com offers advice to nonfiction writers. Author of Delight in Your Child's Design, Second Edition, Kindle (2016, EABooks), paperback edition (2005,Tyndale/Focus on the Family), and The Power of Parent-Child Play (2003, Tyndale). She has also contributed to 11 other books, dozens of magazines, and been on radio broadcasts aired in nearly every US state.

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