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Introducing Family, Faith and Writing ( July 6 Issue)

I started a new online–the Family, Faith & Writing Friday Post–with the June 29th Issue–and now have this week’s July 6 Issue (click HERE to read) which includes these topics:


grumbling (Poppy Smith); chocolate (Karen O’Connor); mistakes and regrets (Cyndi Moor Jones); high conflict people (Jim Calhoun); musician Shelly E. Johnson interview: father loss (Laurie Winslow Sargent)


collaborative writing; worst query ever; getting started (Chip MacGregor)


defining RSS feeds (Stacy L. Meyers)

This is a bit of an experiment for me, but a once-a-week seemed a good way to give you an easy way to see, on one page, the headlines from the two blogs I write (, and plus the blogs I edit (including It also includes links to articles written by others which I’ve found interesting and hope you will too. I’ve attempted to do this with my business Facebook page, but the way FB keeps monkeying around with settings made me want to give a try. works with twitter and RSS feeds to grab links and headlines, so this particular post in Parenting by Faith will be “collected” as well, and end up as a headline. In that way it will also function as a mini table of contents for the July 6 Issue.

I hope you enjoy being introduced to my new, the Family, Faith and Writing Friday Post. If you subscribe to that, you should only get one email a week on Fridays with a link to the online paper. If you’d like to subscribe (subscriptions are anonymous) just click the subscribe button at the Family, Faith and Writing Post.

Have a great week!  Laurie

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