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Delight in Your Child’s Design, Second Edition: How to Better Understand, Nurture, and Enjoy Your Child’s Unique Traits and Temperament (Kindle Edition)

Delight Second Edition cover

This second edition is an updated and revised version of the paperback book, Delight in Your Child’s Design, published by Tyndale House/Focus on the Family in 2005.

Website visitors who purchase the 2016 Kindle edition may have one free copy of the paperback! Just email me through this website a copy of your Kindle receipt, showing your name and address (you may cross out payment info). I will mail the paperback to you or to the address of your choice, if you want to make it a gift. You may enjoy giving it to a teacher or young adult with children, or may donate to your church library. Spread the delight!

Hint: Amazon Kindle books can be read on any device (PC, Samsung Tablet, iPad, iPhone, and any Android phone) using the free Kindle app.  For Android devices, download the Kindle app via GooglePlay. For Apple devices,  go to the Apple Store on your device to download the app. If you are in the middle of a book, you can switch between any devices and the Kindle app will keep your place in the book. Nice!

For more information on The Power of Parent-Child Play and Delight in Your Child’s Design, click on the titles or on the tabs here on this blog.

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Laurie has also had the privilege of contributing articles, stories and/or photos to the following books:

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There she has listed recommended parenting books, books for children, books on writing/book PR and books she has contributed to.

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