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Tips and Musing on Parenting, Christian Faith, and Writing by Laurie Winslow Sargent


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Answered Prayers: Small Miracles

(Articles published at are indicated by FGD.)

Finding God in a Peppermint Tea Miracle (FGD: Link will go live Thurs May 31.)

Finding the Will of God: Iowa Signs (FGD)

A Miracle from God in an Overseas Call (FGD)

Comfort from God Through a Long Distance Call (FGD)

Finding God in a Christmas Tree Ornament (FGD)

Finding God in Small Miracles (FGD)

Commentary on Issues in the News

Finding God in The Sixth Floor Kennedy Museum

Finding God in Aid to Children: Kony 2012 Controversy (FGD)

Finding God in a Shared Heartbeat (FGD)

Finding God in Basketball on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson (FGD)

Articles about Fascinating People and Organizations

Finding God with Jackie Evancho (FGD)

Finding God in the Amazing Sand Art of Joe Castillo (FGD)

Finding God in Blindness with Jennifer Rothschild (FGD)

Finding God in the Free Wheelchair Mission (FGD)

Faith in Real Life

Find God in an Awkward Situation (FGD)

Finding God in Strangers by Igniter Media (FGD)

Finding Hope after Male Sexual Abuse (


(Posts at Laurie’s other website,

Overview: Magazine Writing Basics with a list of upcoming topics.

1. HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS: LESSON 1: “Can you help me understand how the industry works, in a nutshell?”

2. PAYMENT FOR WRITERS: LESSON 2: “How do magazines pay writers for articles and stories?”

3. FINDING/CONTACTING EDITORS: LESSON 3: “How do I find market directories that list magazine titles, editor contact information and editorial needs?”

4. UNDERSTANDING MARKET GUIDE TERMINOLOGY: LESSON 4: “Kill fee and SASE: What do writing market guide terms mean for ME?”

5. WHAT EDITORS WANT AND NEED: LESSON 5: “How do I find online writer’s guidelines, to tell me what magazine editors want and need?”

6. GRAMMAR MISTAKES IN QUERIES: LESSON 6: “What’s the fastest way to get an editor to reject my query?”

7.  SELLING PERSONAL EXPERIENCE STORIES: LESSON 7: ““Is my personal experience story publishable?”

8. MEETING EDITORS (PART 1): LESSON 8: “Can writers meet magazine editors in person? Does it help?” Part 1

9, MEETING EDITORS (PART 2): LESSON 9: “How can writers meet editors in person?” Part II: Conference Connections

Can you relate? What are your thoughts on this? I'd love for you to COMMENT.

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