How Do I Stop My Kids’ Fighting?


By Laurie Winslow Sargent:

One frustrated mom asked, “How I stop my kids’ fighting? It’s driving me crazy!”

Photo by Stuart Miles:

Ooooh, been there, done that, felt that. I know, it can be enormously frustrating. I think what  made me craziest was the noise level–just having to listen to it.

Even handling it perfectly (and how would that be?) won’t make it go away entirely. Kids are learning how to relate to each other and will practice with their siblings.

As we enter this discussion on sibling squabbles, ask yourself this:  “What am I most reacting to?” Is the answer:

#1 The noise?

#2 The issues at hand, which you feel you must intervene in (and should you–really–or must they work it out themselves?)

#3 The need to protect one child from another, physically or from wounding words?

Kids pick at each other for all kinds of reasons and many do require adult intervention (AKA refereeing). But for this first post on kids’ fighting, let’s examine your own attitude as a parent, as I was forced to examine mine.

Is it possible that your interventions in kids’ fighting sometimes make things worse?  Consider your:

(CLICK to cont. for 6 Ways parent attitudes can affect kids’ fighting…)

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Are We There Yet? 3 tricks to help kids travel (more) patiently


By Laurie Winslow Sargent:

How do you keep your sanity when traveling kids whine, “Are we there yet?” Here are 3 ways to keep them occupied, so they travel more patiently and pleasantly.

How do you keep kids from whining, “How much farther?”           Image:

Today I had to lay still for half an hour for a simple medical test, but couldn’t see a clock. To pass the time (and distract myself from moving) I played an old mind game, Count the Music, which I played with my kids on long road trips.

Try this, plus two more ways to keep your own kids occupied as you drive:

Way#1: Count the Music

Consider that most songs on the radio are 3-4 minutes long. In your own head, take the number of minutes you expect it to take to reach your destination and divide by three. Tell the kids “We’ll be there in 7 songs,” (or whatever). They can keep track of the number of songs on their fingers.

While listening to music during my medical test, I’d calculated that would hear eight or nine songs. I only heard three, so must have dozed off while counting and focusing on the music. It tends to work the same way with kids–they either get into the music or fall asleep. It also gives them a sense for how much time is passing if they can’t grasp what “half an hour” is nor tell time.

(CLICK TO READ Way #2 and Way #3)

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Introducing Family, Faith and Writing ( July 6 Issue)


I started a new online–the Family, Faith & Writing Friday Post–with the June 29th Issue–and now have this week’s July 6 Issue (click HERE to read) which includes these topics:


grumbling (Poppy Smith); chocolate (Karen O’Connor); mistakes and regrets (Cyndi Moor Jones); high conflict people (Jim Calhoun); musician Shelly E. Johnson interview: father loss (Laurie Winslow Sargent)


collaborative writing; worst query ever; getting started (Chip MacGregor)


defining RSS feeds (Stacy L. Meyers)

This is a bit of an experiment for me, but a once-a-week seemed a good way to give you an easy way to see, on one page, the headlines from the two blogs I write (, and plus the blogs I edit (including It also includes links to articles written by others which I’ve found interesting and hope you will too. I’ve attempted to do this with my business Facebook page, but the way FB keeps monkeying around with settings made me want to give a try. works with twitter and RSS feeds to grab links and headlines, so this particular post in Parenting by Faith will be “collected” as well, and end up as a headline. In that way it will also function as a mini table of contents for the July 6 Issue.

I hope you enjoy being introduced to my new, the Family, Faith and Writing Friday Post. If you subscribe to that, you should only get one email a week on Fridays with a link to the online paper. If you’d like to subscribe (subscriptions are anonymous) just click the subscribe button at the Family, Faith and Writing Post.

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A Huge Thank You for Playful Fathers


This makes me ache for every child who has no dad to play with, or a father who is present but not available. And it makes me very thankful for my own husband who has been so wonderfully involved with our own three kids and helped them grow to become such fine grown up people.

I appreciate Igniter Media for creating this video showing the empty spaces and places left by missing fathers. It truly reveals the power of parent-child play and especially the impact of playful fathers. Visit Igniter Media’s website at and their YouTube channel. You can also find them on Twitter as @IgniterMedia.

Links to Articles on Parenting, Faith and Writing


I’ve neglected Parenting by Faith for awhile, but haven’t forgotten you!

I’ve been writing for Finding God Daily and Sell Your Nonfiction. I also am the editor for Finding God Daily (with Right to the Heart ministries) plus a new Christian suicide prevention site, Thinking About Suicide (which we hope will save many lives!)


As a consolation prize for you, I added a page to Parenting by Faith called More Articles: Other Topics.

That page has links to some of my articles not related to parenting, posted on other websites. So far I’ve added links to 27 articles written in the past year or so. I’ll eventually add links to older web archived articles originally published in print magazines or books.

You can also visit my other page here at Parenting by Faith: More Parenting Articles. That has links to my parenting articles on other sites including Focus on the Family, Christianity Today International, and CBN.)

Meanwhile I’m bursting with ideas for Parenting by Faith, and hoping for a lull in my editorial work to add more parenting tips for you here!

This week, have a lovely time with your kids. Summer parenting memories you create with your children now will be remembered by them as adults. Have FUN together!

By the way: at Finding God Daily, I post content every weekday, 52 weeks a year! Whew. That’s a lot of posts. I work with over 20 wonderful pro Christian writers and speakers from AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association). I try to add a video to every post at FGD so am always looking for awesome ones. If you know of any great ones, send me links! Even if you’ve made them yourselves! I also love leads to interesting topics or people.

Thanks for your interest in Parenting by Faith! See: Blog Posts by TopicMore Articles: Other Topics and More Parenting Articles.

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Quiz to Test Parents about Child Personality Traits


Image by renjith krishnan:


Your Child Has Personality!

This short personality quiz is excerpted from Delight in Your Child’s Design by Laurie Winslow Sargent, and was contributed by Kim Miller, Laurie’s editor at Tyndale House.

In some ways, determining your child’s personality is an inexact science.She is likely a blend of more than one personality type. A child’s relationships and experiences also influence the way she behaves.

Still, it is helpful to get some sense of why your child acts the way she does. Try to answer the following questions to see if you can discern a pattern in your child’s behavior and help you understand and identify some of his or her strongest personality traits:

1. You can truthfully say, “I’d be a millionaire if only I could bottle and sell my child’s . . .”

a. optimism.
b. persistence.
c. kindness.
d. confidence.

2. Your son keeps you up until 2 a.m. the night before his school’s science fair because:

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Children in the Hospital: Help from Different Dream Parenting (Book Review, Part 1)


When children are in the hospital, it can be a frightening experience: not only for sick kids but also their parents.  Some moms and dads are thrust into the foreign world of intensive care with the birth of a premature baby.  Many parents with a baby in the hospital also have older children, so must make additional decisions about ways to help kids at home.  If instead of a baby, it’s an older child who is sick, mom and dad must also decide how much to tell that child, preteen, or teen about his diagnosis and upcoming treatments.

Thankfully there is a wonderful new resource for parents of children with special needs. Different Dream Parenting: A Practical Guide to Raising a Child with Special Needs, by Jolene Philo (published by Discovery House) offers parents immediate support and practical help.

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Laurie’s Links for Parents (List #1)


I’ve found so many great links so far this month, I want to be sure you don’t miss them! I tweeted about these via @LaurieSargent, Nov 1-17, 2011. If you’re on Twitter, you may not have caught them all. (Feel free to re-tweet any you like!) If you’re not on Twitter, these should all be fresh to you.

Be sure you catch the post about family photographer Me Rah Koh on television TODAY (2:00 Central Time), and the one on Operation Christmas Child, so you & your kids can get your box in in time this week to your local drop-off area.



  • Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year Be sure to scroll down to  Related Media and watch the video! It’s awesome.

Enjoy these links to articles on the topics of: ADOPTION, SCIENCE, CHARITY, CHILD SAFETY, SPORTS, FAMILY AND FAITH:  (Click to see full list plus links.)

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