Interviews with author Laurie Winslow Sargent. Interviews were on book topics unless otherwise indicated.  Don’t ask me why WordPress keeps crunching station names and words together–no matter how many times I insert spaces–and even though the original table was properly spaced.  Aaaargh!

Location Station Date Host
Arkansas (via Neosho, MO) KNEO-FMAuthor’s Corner 6/9/20058/2003 Mark Taylor
California (Northern) KYCCBook Nook Live, 1 hr, listener call-ins, satellite to UT, TX, NV, MT, NMRecorded in CA 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale
Florida (Boynton Beach) WRMBMorning show on the Moody Broadcasting Network Audrey Altman
Florida (New Smyrna Beach) WKTO-FMDaily Moments 6/28/2005 Carol Henry
Florida(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) WAFG-FMVocal Point 6/2003 Laura Bishop
Indiana(Fort Wayne, Muncie  IN;) WBCL-FMMid-Morning 1/20055/2003 Lynne Ford
International200 stations, 39 inUSA + Canada, Virgin Islands Moody Broadcasting NetworkMidday Connection 5/2003 Anita Lustrea Live remote broadcast, 55 min w listener call-ins and Internet streaming
Internet Radio BlogTalkRadioShow: Encouragement for Women 3/18/2010 Linda Godlfarb
Internet Television WebCast One LIVE 2/24/2011 Liz Nead Writing in Mid-Life
Iowa (Ames, Iowa City) NPRIowa Public Radio 2/21/2008
Iowa Des Moines, Ames KZZQ 12/12/200612/15/2006


Kansas(Neosho, MO) KNEO-FMAuthor’s CornerInterview via MO station. 6/9/20058/2003 Mark Taylor
Louisiana  WSHO 7/21/2005
Minnesota(Duluth, MN) WWJC-AMNorthland Notebook 6/2003 Ted Elm
Missouri(Neosho, MO) KNEO-FMAuthor’s Corner 6/9/2005/2003 Mark Taylor
Montana KYCCBook Nook, Satellite Feed from CA 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale
NATIONAL(Chicago, IL) WMBIMoody Broadcasting Network:  Midday ConnectionRecorded via 6/14/2005
NATIONAL Moody Broadcasting Network: Prime Time America 5/18/2005 Greg Wheatley
NATIONAL Focus on the FamilyShow: Weekend MagazinePortions were inserted into magazine-style broadcasts and a CD for subscribers. 10/1/200510/8/2005


Bill Maier
NATIONAL(Seattle, WA) Focus on the FamilyFocus on Your ChildAudio Journal release to 50,000 parents of children birth-3recorded at Spirit105.3 4/2005
Nevada KYCCBook Nook, Satellite Feed from CA 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale live, satellite feed
New Mexico KYCCBook Nook, Satellite Feed from Ca 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale
New Mexico(Albuquerque) KNKT-FMABQ Connect 7/14/2005 Peter Benson
New Mexico(Albuquerque) KLFQSunrise Sounds 8/9/20056/2003 Dan Rosecrans
New Mexico(Albuquerque) 7/14/2005
Ohio (NW & Central OH) WBCL-FMMid-Morning 1/2005/2003 Lynne Ford
Oklahoma KNEOAuthor’s CornerInterview via Neosho MO station 6/9/20058/2003 Mark Taylor
Oregon(Medford) KDOV-FM 6/15/2005 Pat Daly
Texas KYCCBook Nook,Satellite Feed from CA 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale
Utah  KYCCBook Nook, Satellite Feed from CA 8/2003 Kimberly Sarale
Washington State(Seattle, WA) KOMO TV(ABC Affiliate) 8/2003
Washington State(Seattle, WA) KGNW (AM 820)Live from Seattle 4/2005 Thor Tolo
Washington State(Seattle, WA) KGNW 7/24/2008

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