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Laurie’s Links for Parents (List #1)

I’ve found so many great links so far this month, I want to be sure you don’t miss them! I tweeted about these via @LaurieSargent, Nov 1-17, 2011. If you’re on Twitter, you may not have caught them all. (Feel free to re-tweet any you like!) If you’re not on Twitter, these should all be fresh to you.

Be sure you catch the post about family photographer Me Rah Koh on television TODAY (2:00 Central Time), and the one on Operation Christmas Child, so you & your kids can get your box in in time this week to your local drop-off area.



  • Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year Be sure to scroll down to  Related Media and watch the video! It’s awesome.

Enjoy these links to articles on the topics of: ADOPTION, SCIENCE, CHARITY, CHILD SAFETY, SPORTS, FAMILY AND FAITH:  (Click to see full list plus links.)

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