5-Minute-Fun with Kids: A Villain, a Hero, and a Damsel in Distress


Here’s a quick game for a bit of fun, taught me by a friend many years ago. My kids loved it!

It comes in handy when you’re with a bored child waiting somewhere– in a line at the grocery store, a doctor’s waiting room, or at a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive.

Grab anything that can be twisted to look remotely like a bow: a bread bag twisty, a hair doo-dad, a piece of bow-tie macaroni, even a twisted piece of paper napkin.

Hold it under your nose as if it were a mustache.

In the deep voice of a villain, sneer: “You must pay the rent!”

Move the bow to the top of your head. In a high, sweet, feminine voice, insist “But I can’t pay the rent!”

Repeat this a few times, with increasing emphasis and distress.

“You MUST pay the rent!”

“But I CAN’T pay the rent!”

Then hold the bow under your chin, like a bow-tie.

In a gallant voice, say, “I’ll pay the rent!”

Back to the hair bow and high sweet voice. “Oh, my hero!”

Then to the mustache again, “Curses! Foiled again!”

From The Power of Parent-Child Play by Laurie Winslow Sargent.  Chapter 4:  Derailing Tantrums and Defiance, page 43.  (2003, Tyndale House Publishers)